Sunday, November 25, 2007


Old professor cantankerous brainy sentinel
Asking checking, making checks hocus pocus
Flabbergast, credentials may I? Catfish mustache,
Sauerkraut and succotash. Glass of whiskey
on the rocks, Pull up your socks shhock Jocks,

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hoi Theya

Hello eets me. Oim wroiting me ferst blog entry today. Oim listening to Arcade Fire on me compu'a. What is yew doin? Come play online backgammon wit me. Ded yew knoa yew kin see naked ladies on shewtoim on demand? Oi was lookin at thim earlia, wonderful stuff that is. Oi is tryin to decide what this hea blog shouldst contain within its paijes. Shood Oi jest blatha 'er dither on about moiself? Any feedbeck woould be moast helpful. Thank all of yew so much. Yew ah the bist audience a could ask fer.